Get Rid of Guesswork...

…and get started on your dream home! We like to start the home building process with the discovery phase. We must first discover the design of your home, the wants for your home, and what fits in your budget. These are the three driving forces that will determine what you should build, how to get the most out of your budget, and where to set your expectations. Let’s examine the three driving forces a little closer:

The Design

Generally, a 2,000 square foot, single-level home with a wraparound porch will cost more than a 2,000 square foot, two-story home. The one level home has double the foundation, twice the roof area, and more wall area, which ultimately leads to increased cost-to-build.

Your Wants

Tile showers, log walls, exposed beams, quality wall-coverings, metal roof, HE appliances, cabinets, cypress decking, heavy timbers, hardwood flooring, and so on… these are the items you really want in your home. But don’t get carried away! We still need to talk about…

Your Budget

If your budget is unlimited… well, congratulations; you’re one of a fortunate few. Unfortunately, most of us have a budget, and a strict one at that. This is where the rubber meets the road, and where you must balance your wants with what is financially feasible.

One Shop, One Stop

1. Design

2. Materials

3. Build


Now that we have your design in-hand, it’s time to select your materials. There are many choices to be made during materials selection, but we’re here to help you the whole way. Not only do we help you make the best choices, we help you keep those choices aligned with your budget. Once we’ve selected your materials, we can put a real price on the construction of your home. If the price lines up with your budget, we’re ready to proceed. If not, we’ll take your plans back to the drawing board to determine what needs to be done to bring your project in line with your budget. This is the beauty of Timber Ridge Builders. We don’t just tell you if it can be done or not… we tell you how!


With your design in-hand and your materials selected, it’s time to construct your dream home. Timber Ridge Builders employs all the personnel needed to make sure your project proceeds smoothly and as expected. Our project managers, technical specialists, and designers work together to make sure your home turns out exactly like you’ve imagined it would.


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